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Slurry Pump Knowledge

Slurry Pump Knowledge

Slurry Pumps & Parts
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Slurry pump: the pump that transports mixture of water and solids particles which contains dross.

Pump knowledge -- Slurry pump concept and applications

1.Concept of pump: all machines that are used to lift liquid, transport liquid, and increase the pressure of liquid can be called “PUMP”

2. Slurry pump: the pump that transports mixture of water and solids particles which contains dross. Speaking from their principle, Slurry pumps produced in Shijiazhuang China are centrifugal vane pumps.

3. Applications of Slurry Pumps:

1) This type of slurry pump is mainly used for slurry transportation in converter dust removal water system, blast furnace gas washing water system, continuous casting turbid water system and steel rolling turbid water system in iron and steel plants.

2) In the power industry, it is used for flue gas desulfurization systems and ash removal systems. Moreover, larger slurry pumps have been well used to act as the desulfurization main circulation pumps, for which, along with the dredging pumps mentioned later, the discharge diameters have been achieved 1 meter in China, and they all work well.

3) Slurry pumps are also widely used for the transportation of pump which contains abrasive solids in mining, metallurgy, coal, and environmental protection industries, such as the slurry pumping work in Metallurgical Concentrator, coal sludge and heavy medium transportation in coal washing plants, and river dredging etc..  

4) In the chemical industry, some corrosive slurries containing crystals can also be transported. At present, about 80% of the applications of small and medium slurry pumps are used in concentrators in the mining industry.

5) In the field of seawater sand selection industry, the application of slurry pumps have also been well-known and recognized by the customers. Due to the habit of some industries, slurry pumps are called sand pumps in the seawater sand selection industry, and dredging pumps in the the river dredging industry, where there are super-large slurry pumps in use, which are used on super-large dredgers.

But in terms of the structural characteristics and the slurry transported by the pump, they can all be called slurry pumps.