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What is the difference between a slurry pump and a mud pump?

Jun 05,2023

The similarities between slurry pumps and mud pumps are as follows:

1. The working principle is centrifugal pump. Conceptually speaking, it refers to a machine that uses centrifugal force (pump impeller rotation) to increase the energy of a solid-liquid mixed medium and convert electrical energy into kinetic energy and potential energy of the medium;

2. Both are vertical and horizontal, both transport slurry;

3. Separate design of pump and motor.

The difference between a slurry pump and a slurry pump is as follows:

1. Compared with the slurry pump, the slurry pump has stronger wear resistance and the ability to transport particles;

2. The capacity of the slurry pump is larger than that of the slurry pump mainly used for coal. cleaning of metals and other minerals;

3. The mud pump is more suitable for mud with low abrasiveness;

4. The material of the flow parts of the slurry pump is generally cast steel, and the material of the flow parts of the slurry pump is generally high-chromium wear-resistant alloy.

Briefly describe the working principle of the hydraulic slurry pump

There are many types of water pumps. Hydraulic slurry pumps are classified according to the conveying medium. It conveys a mixture of solid particles containing residue and water. It has a very wide range of applications. Today we will talk about the application range and advantages of hydraulic slurry pumps.

1. Scope of application

Hydraulic slurry pump is a mixture of solid particles and water, widely used in construction sites, flooded excavation sites and basements for continuous pumping of clean water or sewage, urban floods, etc.

2. Advantages and Features

1. Adopt a hydraulic motor with built-in special drive shaft, oil seal and bearing;

2. The hydraulic oil is used for cooling and lubrication, and there is no damage in operation;

3. The pump body is made of steel, the impeller is made of casting, polyethylene wear-resistant plate, high quality, not easy to damage, and long service life;

4. It has a wide range of applications and can transport more water, mud and mortar.