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New Batch of Shipment of Expeller Sealed Slurry Pumps

New Batch of Shipment of Expeller Sealed Slurry Pumps

Slurry Pumps & Parts
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Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps; Centrifugal Sludge Pumps; Slurry Pumps for Abrasive Solids; CNSME Warman Slurry Pumps.

Another batch of pumps went to their new site. This week, we loaded over 20 complete sets of heavy duty AH series slurry pumps along with elec. motors and accessories, and these pumps are going to be shipped to our customer in one of the Russian-speaking countries. 

All these slurry pumps are expeller sealed. And in fact, expeller (ring) seal becomes our standard method of shaft sealing. Most customers ask for the reasons. That's because Expellers can be applied in virtually all slurries regardless of solid concentration. Slurry pumps manufactured by CNSME, are suited for expeller seals due to the abrasive nature of the slurry being pumped, and the typical lack of readily available, clean and pressurized gland seal water. Clean water can often be hard to come by in mining mills and mineral processing environments, and packing and sleeves may fail quickly when abrasive particles in the seal water or slurry itself enter the stuffing box. But this doesn't mean we will not offer other shaft sealing options. Gland/Packing seal and mechanical seal are also available for our slurry pumps, if the customers prefer to use these two sealing methods.