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ZJ series slurry pumps, totally designed and developed by Chinese local engineers, are high head slurry pumps mainly used for filter press, coal washing, power plants etc
Carbon Transfer Slurry Pumps; TC Pumps; Vortex Pumps; Recessed Impellers
Single Shell Slurry Pump is designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability, making it the perfect choice for handling challenging applications.
This froth pump impeller has 4 open vanes, and below is an example curve of 4” froth pump. Froth handling can be quite frustrating in some applications, and the froth inducer blade impeller solves this problem. Another benefit of a froth pump impellers design and oversized pump inlet is that it raises the solids concentration limits that a common centrifugal pump can handle.
Stainless steel slurry pump auxiliary impeller
Model:65QV-SP(R) Matching power P(kw):3-30 Capacity Q(m3/h):18-113 Head H(m):5-31.5 Speed n(r/min):700-1500 Eff.η(%):60 Impeller dia.(mm):280 Max.particles(mm):15 Weight(kg):500
CNSME Slurry pumps are designed with double casing, wet-end parts, and rotary parts. Wet-end parts includes volute, impeller, front and back liner. The rotary parts includes the bearing assembly, which are composed of bearing housing, shaft, bearings etc.
The robust and durable range of WAR-MAN vertical slurry pumps is designed and manufactured to operate in the most testing conditions
eries SP sump slurry pumps are vertical, centrifugal slurry pumps submerged in water to work
Big Capacity Vertical Turbine Pump 54 - 289m3 / H , High Speed Vertical Sump Pump
The above shown pump is vertical type slurry pump model SV/150S, with the material of wet-end parts A49
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