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Jul 29,2022

About Sand Dredge Slurry Pumps

We offer a wide range of Sand Dredge Slurry Pumps that can be used to pump sand. A mixture of sand and water with up to 70% solids by weight is pumped. Sand and gravel are handled by pumping a mixture of liquid and particles of sand and gravel.

Jul 01,2022

What makes Slurry Pumps special?

As the name suggests, the Slurry Pumps are for pumping materials.

Jun 15,2022

What are the common accessories and performance characteristics of sand gravel pump

The main part of the sand gravel pump accessories is also called the overflow part. Including pump cover, impeller, volute, front guard, rear guard, etc.

May 18,2022

Is the slurry pump a centrifugal pump?

Slurry pumps belong to the category of centrifugal pumps. Slurry pump refers to a kind of machine that increases the energy of solid and liquid mixed medium by means of centrifugal force.

May 18,2022

How to use the slurry pump correctly?

The following safety information related to pump operation and maintenance should be carefully followed and proper procedures followed to avoid personal injury and equipment damage. All statutory requirements related to this equipment must be complied with at all times.

May 07,2022

How to solve the clogging problem of slurry pump

If the Slurry Pump is found to be blocked during use, how to solve it is that many customers think that this is a relatively complicated problem.

Mar 22,2022

Factors Affecting Slurry Pump Selection -- Solid Particles

Slurry pumps typically handle slurries in plant applications ranging from processing to wastewater treatment.

Feb 15,2022

Pumps for Limestone-gypsum wet FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization) Process

SO2 is one of the main air pollutants and an important control indicator of industrial waste gas pollution in China.

Jan 26,2022

Pump knowledge--Introduction to Marine Dredging Pump

The PN series dredging pumps were produced before 1980s, with sizes ranging from 1PN to 10PN,

Jan 11,2022

Similarities and differences between ZJL vertical slurry pump and SP submerged slurry pump

ZJL vertical slurry pump and SP submerged slurry pump are both vertical slurry pumps. Many customers are tangled about how to choose in the selection process. What are the similarities and differences between the two slurry pumps?

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