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What are the common accessories and performance characteristics of sand gravel pump

Jun 15,2022

The main part of the sand gravel pump accessories is also called the overflow part. Including pump cover, impeller, volute, front guard, rear guard, etc.

This series of pumps are horizontal, single pump casing centrifugal pumps. The pump body and pump cover are clamped by special clamps, and the outlet direction of the pump can be in any position of 360 degrees, which is easy to install and use.

The shaft seals of the sand gravel pump include packing seals, impeller seals and mechanical seals.

Bearing assembly: The bearing assembly of the sand gravel pump adopts a cylindrical structure, which is convenient to adjust the gap between the impeller and the pump body, and can be removed as a whole during maintenance. Bearings are grease lubricated.

Transmission mode of sand gravel pump: there are mainly V-shaped V-belt transmission, elastic coupling transmission, gear reduction box transmission, hydraulic coupling transmission, frequency conversion drive device, thyristor speed regulation, etc.

The overall performance of the sand gravel pump: the material of the overflow parts is made of high-hardness wear-resistant alloy cast iron. The pump has a wide flow channel, good cavitation performance, high efficiency and wear resistance. Various speeds and variants are used to allow the pump to operate under design conditions. It has a long service life and high operating efficiency, and can meet many kinds of harsh conveying conditions