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How to use the slurry pump correctly?

May 18,2022

The following safety information related to pump operation and maintenance should be carefully followed and proper procedures followed to avoid personal injury and equipment damage. All statutory requirements related to this equipment must be complied with at all times.

Do not apply heat to the impeller hub or air intake to aid in impeller removal. Heating may cause impeller crushing, injury or equipment damage.

Do not run the pump at zero or very low flow for extended periods of time. Failure to follow this warning may result in overheating of the pump and evaporation of the pumped fluid, creating very high pressures. Such actions could result in serious personal injury or equipment damage.

Check drive motor rotation before installing drive belts or couplings. Incorrect motor rotation may result in personal injury or equipment damage.

Do not put very hot or very cold fluid into the pump at ambient temperature. Thermal shock can cause the wet end parts of the pump to break. Pumps must be considered rotating machinery and pressure vessels. All relevant safety precautions and procedures for this type of equipment should be followed during installation, operation and maintenance of the pump.

In the case of auxiliary equipment associated with the pump (e.g. motors, belts, drive couplings, reducers, variable speed drives, etc.) during installation, operation and maintenance, all relevant operating instructions should be consulted and recommended procedures should be followed.